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11 June 2024

Are you having new PC's or Servers installed?

Many surgeries are now having new PC's and Servers installed, especially with the rollout of Windows 11. If this applies to you, please let us know in advance so we can ensure we have a technician available on the day to re-configure your Dispens-IT setup and keep everything running as smoothly as possible.



5 February 2024

Phone Line Issues

Unfortunately we've had problems with our telephone system this morning so apologies if you have had trouble contacting us. Hopefully everything is up and running again now, though there is a backlog in calls so it may take a little while longer before things to return to normal.

Don't forget there is an online chat facility to the remote assistance page of our website to give you another way of sending a message directly to our helpdesk.



Older Information

Fewer Products Carrying Old Style Barcodes

Some manufacturers are removing the old style one-dimensional (1D) barcodes from their medications in favour of the 2D "chequer-board" style on the ends of the packs.

Even for medication packs that still carry both styles of barcode, there are several advantages in scanning the 2D version, since it contains batch code and expiry date information which can be checked and logged automatically.

As you may be aware, the move to these 2D barcodes was prompted by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive which briefly came into force in 2019 before being put on hold (for now!) by Brexit. Naturally, though, with products being manufactured for a global market, the move to 2D continues.

The latest version of Dispens-IT (Version 6) is capable of reading the 2D barcodes (being FMD-ready) as long as you also have a scanner that is 2D-capable.

We are busy contacting sites to offer this free upgrade. However, if you wish to be upgraded sooner, please do contact the helpdesk.







After successfully installing remote working facilities during the pandemic, some of our helpdesk team have since continued to work remotely but the helpdesk line on 01777 234500 operates as usual.

If your call is not answered after a short while, please leave a message with a contact number instead of holding. Your message will be relayed immediately to the team and you will be called back in turn.

Alternatively, there is a live chat tool on our remote assistance page which operates during office hours, or you can email the team at



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