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Vivitech Remote Assistance

How it all works and why it's completely safe

Vivitech use the "LogMeIn Rescue" service to provide remote support to our customers via the internet. LogMeIn Rescue is subscription service, registered to and paid for by Vivitech. The service uses a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection of the same type used for internet banking. It differs greatly from the "LogMeIn Free" or "LogMeIn Pro" software packages in that nothing is permanently installed onto your computer. Each and every session must be initiated by someone at your computer, and they must enter a PIN code to create the connection to Vivitech. You are always in control of the session and can see everything happening whilst the session is active (there is no screen blanking). You may stop the session at any time. The connection runs only for the duration of the session and automatically removes itself at the end of the session.

For further information regarding security click here.

The following is a statement from NHS Connecting for Health regarding LogMeIn:

"As NHS bodies are responsible for their own network security, CfH IG view this as an internal decision (by each organisation) as to whether you use this service.

CfH IG manage the national gateways to the Internet, and as this traffic will use TCP 443 (which is open through the gateways to the Internet) no intervention or approval is required from us for this traffic to pass"


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